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The base to visit the ancient capital



Relaxing time in PRIVATE ROOMS


In a spacious common room

Have a relaxing time

We have a sink, microwave, refrigerator, vending machine, and coin launderette.

In addition, we have introduced 2,000 Japanese comics that you can freely browse!

​ How about a leisurely reading while healing the tiredness of traveling?

Watch TV slowly while eating

Play board games with friends and family until you feel sleepy

Have a relaxing time as if you were at home

​ Please spend your time.


Deluxe Family Room

The perfect space to stay with family and friends.In combination with the loft ​for a spacious bedroom.

2 double beds and 3 futons on the loft.


Budget Triple Room

For those who want to share the same space with a large number of people

​ Optimal private room

2 double beds and 1 futon on the loft.

エコノミー ツインルーム 34.jpg

Economy Twin Room

For business trips and small group trips

​ You can relax in a cozy space

302 34.jpg

Budget Twin Room

For business use or excursions with two people

​ You can spend a relaxing time in a reasonable private room.

Dormitory 3-4.jpg

​ Dormitory Room

Dormitory room very popular with backpackers

​ Close the curtain to create a small private space

washroom 34.jpg

Shower Room

Equipped with a clean shower room

​ It's safe because the floors are divided between men and women.

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